Brush Hogging Services
in Uniontown, PA

Depend on Reynolds Landscaping & Lawn Care

For timely, quality brush hogging service in Uniontown, PA, and beyond, reach out to Reynolds Landscaping & Lawn Care. Our team has the necessary experience and equipment to handle any brush hogging job. This is not a task for a regular mower. The removal of thickets, bushes, wildflowers, weeds, and small seedlings requires a talented team to ensure its success. Let our local crew prepare your land for farming, hunting, development, and other uses. Call Reynolds Landscaping & Lawn Care at (724) 323-4958 to schedule a consultation. We can give you an estimate for your brush hogging project, field mowing, or pasture mowing.

Clear Your Land With Residential Brush Hogging

Your lawn probably needs extra care if it is a vacant lot, seasonal home, or not a regularly used field. If a regular riding mower cannot get the job done, we can help. Our heavy machinery can handle various fields and plants. If the field grows naturally and is not regularly used, we advise scheduling yearly brush hogging. The brush hogging process improves the safety of the land and the aesthetics of your property. Our brush hogging services include:
  • • Brush and Debris Removal
  • • Brush Cutting
  • • Clearing Ditches and Inclines
  • • Field Mowing
  • • Removing Overgrown Weeds, Bushes, Trees, and Grass
  • • Vacant Lot Clearing

Brush Hogging Aids With
Wildfire Prevention

Brush hogging in Uniontown, PA, and the surrounding areas will keep your property safe. When bushes, thickets, and other plants are able to over-grow, it can increase the likelihood of catching fire. Plants and dry material stuck under those growing bushes literally add fuel to the fire. Removing all brush, grass, and trees near homes and business buildings will create a gap barrier. Our experienced lawn care contractors will inspect your property and look for the best remedies to prevent wildfires.

Reach out to Reynolds Landscaping & Lawn Care
for quick and quality brush hogging service
in Uniontown, PA.