Landscaping Services
in Uniontown, PA

Landscape Design and Installation by
Reynolds Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping services in Uniontown, PA, by Reynolds Landscaping & Lawn Care can transform a cookie cutter yard into a beautiful oasis. Our team of landscapers have extensive experience designing, creating, and maintaining cultivated outdoor environments. We take pride in contributing to the beauty of homes and businesses throughout the Uniontown area. Call (724) 323-4958 to schedule a consultation on what landscaping improvements we can do for you.

Residential and Commercial Mulching in Uniontown, PA

Nothing makes a landscape look more beautiful in Uniontown, PA, than fresh mulch. Mulching at the beginning of the growing season and refreshing it right before winter offers the best protection. The benefits of mulch are that it:
  • • Maintains soil moisture
  • • Maintains cool soil during the summer and warm soil during the cold winter months.
  • • Improves soil structure
  • • Prevents transmission of soil diseases
  • • Improves aeration and water absorption
  • • Suppresses the growth of annual weeds

Allow Hydroseeding Experts to Improve Yards and Save Time

Hydroseeding provides an easy way to establish a luscious lawn over a large area. This method of seeding is great for new lawn installations, as well as complete lawn overhauls. Hydroseeding is a process of applying grass seed to a wide area by spraying bare soil with slurry. The slurry is made up of grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil amendments, and water. Hydroseeding saves time over traditional seeding, is more cost effective over turf, and is great for sloping hills.

Reynolds Landscaping & Lawn Care
can transform your yard into a beautiful oasis
with landscaping services in Uniontown, PA.